The Front Door Sets the Stage
Make the first impression count - Front doors are the key.” This is so true when it comes to Listing and/or showing a property to a potential Buyer. “You can usually judge how the inside of the house will appear by the condition and appearance of the Front Door”

It is the area that sets the tone.” “On average 80% of the buying decision is made as you walk through the front door.” Everyone is excited as you drive up to the Listed Property. You are judging the neighbourhood and lifestyle appearances to the homes location. There is a pause at the front entrance, as you wait for your Agent to open the lock box to let you in. The anticipation and first impressions are being decided at this time. This is a critical decision point and the Buyers internal instincts should be sending a positive vibe.

Please have a look at the following videos from the acclaimed "Are you fit to sell" program offered by Remax. These videos will help you identify the necessary steps you should take beyond the contractual listing stage. Most sellers that fail to follow these steps often end up wasting a tremendous amount of time on the market until they these needs are met.

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